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How to predict Cricket Match?

Cricket Lovers and the die heart Cricket fans want to know everything in advance. They love


reading cricket match prediction and some bet too. Cricket is one the sport that is watched


and played by many. We Indians are passionate about cricket and often think how to predict


upcoming matches.


Some factors that actually determine the match prediction are- Conditions at Home, Strength of


the teams, Key players of the team and the toss. These factors are easy to analyze and predict


who will be the winner of the match.


Home Conditions is one of the factors that will define the Winner in the match. Crowd Support is


also important for players on the ground. Home Conditions like the Pitch Nature- Flat/ Damp


Wickets, Climatic factors and above all the Home Crowd.


Home Conditions is not the only factor for Cricket but also for other Sports like Football, Hockey


etc. Home Team gets better Motivation.


Team Strength is the key factor for prediction. Team Strength should be balanced for winning


any match. Fast Bowlers and Spinners contribute as per the condition. Similarly, Left-hand


Batsmen and Right-hand Batsmen contribute. Any match is all about teamwork and the kind of


players in the team matter a lot.


Key or Special or Star or Premier Players, let them call by any is one of the contributing factors


in any match prediction . This factor is entirely dependent upon the personal ability of the


players. Players like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Virender Sehwag, Steve Smith, Shikhar Dhawan,


David Warner, Joe Root, Chris Gayle, etc., should be dealt with accordingly with some strategy.


Similarly for bowlers too.


Last but not the least factor in predicting a cricket match is the Toss. There is a certain amount


of advantage for a Team if it had won the Toss. This may be the deciding factor in a match as it


would give the team the option of choosing "what they want".


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